Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Coat- H&M (Similar Here)  Shirt- Zara  Bag- Mulberry  Jeans- Topshop  Shoes- Zara 
Bow- Ribbon from John Lewis Watch- Michael Kors - H&M  

First and foremost I apologise for the lack of posts lately, I'm actually working with a stylist for X Factor so I have been super busy. Anyway back to the outfit. This look was based entirely round my new trilby. I absolutlely love hats lately, they add a little polish to an autumn look. Autum/Winter is actually my favourite season. I'm obsessed with all at  the knitwear and boots that are making their way into the stores at the moment. I've chosen an oversized shirt (everyone should own a white shirt!) ripped jeans and my Zara corset heels. I feel the hat and shoes really pull the look together.

Let me know what you think and what your favourite pieces are out at the moment. 


Photography- Chris Boden-Hook


  1. A stylist on X Factor?! That's an amazing gig, quite possibly my dream job!! How'd you get into that... I'd do it for free!


  2. I am a very lucky lady indeed. I shadowed the stylist on a video shoot earlier this year and then got given this opportunity. Amazing job I absolutley love it. Ask to shadow some stylists on shoots. You'd be amazing at it's aswell. Hope your blogs going well. X

    1. That's Darl!! That's amazing, I'm jealous and pleased for you at the same time... I can guarantee I'll be the one going "ohhh yeah, I so know who's out that together.." Thanks for the advice ; ) x

  3. Delicious and artistic look!

  4. Thank you darling that's lovely to say